The Odyssey: Swim---Run--Repeat 8:30 am start

August 25, 2019

Sponsored by True North Running and Max Performance--strictly limited to 250 participants.

The brainchild of an iron-distance triathlete and an ultra-endurance runner, the Odyssey is comprised of swimming and running, The Odyssey is meant to be a unique multi-sport endurance competition, as it challenges athletes to switch between disciplines over and over. 

Both running and swimming are inherently simple; body versus terrain. This event is meant to celebrate that simplicity, and give athletes a chance to test themselves against either 2 or 4 hours of this beautiful loop-style course. 


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Held on the charming grounds of the Farm, the inaugural Odyssey is comprised of a .33 mile swim and 2 mile run, repeated as many times as possible in the time allotted. 


Athletes may choose either the short-course division (2 hours) or the long-course division (4 hours). The unique challenge of switching, over and over, between disciplines, is what makes the Odyssey such a truly unique test of endurance. 


Athletes begin with a water-start from the boat-launch ramp adjacent to the Cove Cabin. You'll swim straight 1/3 of a mile across Cabin Cove to exit the water upon the shore on the Westward side of the Mt. Hope Farm estate. You'll then bear left, running towards the farm and the brief grass and trail sections of the course. You'll then pass a pond and start your return to the Cove Cabin, running 2 miles in total before returning to the staging area to the delight of the race spectators.


Lap one done. Repeat until the clocks hits zero. 


There is a 2-hour and 4-hour division in this race. It's athlete against athlete, athletes against clock. The person who covers the most amount of loops wins.


The swim course is in a fairly sheltered cove. However, like any open-water swim, the tides can have a huge impact on race conditions. The water here can be calm and flat, or slightly choppy. 


The run course is primarily paved, with a short (and tame) trail-crossing on each loop, as well as a short run through a grassy field that points athletes back to the staging area at shoreline of Cabin Cove. 


Only full loops count, and therefore race strategy and pacing are hugely important.